Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Osceola Reigonal Hospital Maternity Ward ( Oak St Hospital )

I have had 5 kids now, and 4 of the 5 i have had at Osceola Regional. I was told by many how awful the place is, well its nothing like that! I had a great experience time after time with them.
I had my first son there, all went easy, i was waited on like as if i were VIP they had food for me whenever i asked, I was allowed access to the fridge down the hall which had lots of snacks, juice etc.. The rooms are an all in one, you give birth in and stay there so there was no moving from room to room.
Osceola was a great choice cause yeah we all love the fact that other hospitals might offer better but for me i was closer to home, which after you have a child whats the first thing you wanna wanna show them off which the sooner your home brings the people : )
The nurse staff were all pleasant never questioned me and always had answers when i had them, some of the nurses i had back with my first were still there & they remembered me which was nice to have that!
When leaving Osceola they sent me home with everything that was in room, diapers, formula, breast pump, diaper bags, etc it was like a whole new baby shower.
I don't think Osceola gets the credit they deserve they keep stepping up their game, and i love the place i hope that my own daughters will be able to have there own children there when the time comes.
Osceola Regional Medical Center

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