Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Son Plays With "Girl" Toys

My oldest son who is almost 8 loves girls toys

I mean loves them.

He has always loved the color pink, and he loves baby dolls, barbies, princess..etc. I have had issues with the fact that he likes girl things, i was always thinking it was a phase he will grow out of, but...he is 8.

Nothing has changed, if anything he likes it even more. I would like to know why i feel this way, why is it that girls can play with boys toys & its 100% totally fine, but a boy touches a baby doll, society labels him a "GIRL" why is this?! I try to go along with him liking "girl" things, cause i hear if your son plays with dolls he becomes a good dad, so really? that's wrong to have a man who will love and be there for his kids?

I am grateful though that at school he doesn't seem to get bullied for how he is, in fact he has many girl-friends and a few boys who all play together. We need to learn from our youth that toys are exactly that, TOYS. They are there to make the mind flow and learn. I learned that i can't hide how he is, nor should i, he likes girl things. I am so sorry that we all have it set in our minds that it's so wrong but i am sad that society makes me feel ashamed of him when i really don't it's just how i was raised "BOYS DON'T PLAY WITH DOLLS" guess what? that needs to change, and it starts with me as the parent. Let your kids be who they are and be grateful that they are happy, healthy and whatever comes of it comes, we need to be proud of our children and teach them that there is no such thing as a girl or boy toy.

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