Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Love My Crystler Town and Country

I am a tomboy through and through, always had my truck, never wanted a little car.. but then i became a mom and got ......A MINIVAN!!! Oh My GOD i bought a minivan! I was 20 years old driving a minivan! what!?! I can't do anything to a minivan to make it nicer, all i can do is slap a sticker on it saying "soccer mom" lol which was not me.
Well i have now been in a van for 8 years, and i have to say I LOVE MINIVANS!
Yeah they may not look cool, but wow they can do it all. While the minivan is not the best thing to look at, it does allow for me to have all my family and friends in one vehical, does have some horse power to it, and it gets great gas mileage for how many it can hold. I love to go on vacations with it, we had gone while one of our children was in diapers and instead of pulling over cause a major poo i was able to get up from my seat move to the back, change the diaper place the child back in their seat, without stopping! It was great!
Also could pass out food with ease, and let kids lay out if they were tired. The minivan has come a long way my mother has the nicer Town and Country, this thing is fully loaded, it has doors that with a click of a button open up, stow and go (if i had i would keep juice, swim items, and diapers in) and a dvd player which it great for long trips. Minivans rock! and sadly i would never trade it for a truck while i am a mom cause really the minivans are a mom must have, and if the husband doesn't like, let him pick out some rims, place him in the backseat with kids, and movie and see how he feels after : )

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  1. I totally agree with you. Minivans are must-haves for moms. Although minivans have a reputation of being plain-looking, there are many things that make it a good family vehicle. One is it has space for the kids and family members, and plenty of room for your luggage and parcels. Since it is family car, it puts emphasis on the safety of its passengers. It has standard dual front and side air bags and latch child-seat attachments in the rear seats.