Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort Campgound

I have been going to the Fort Wilderness since I was born and now I am able to bring my friends and family along. I introduced Paige to the campground about 4 years ago, and we go at least once a month.

The Resort offers so much, you're able to swim, hike, bike, camp, watch a movie and more. When you first come to the Fort Wilderness you come through a security check point. Normally we say we are there to shop which is the truth we buy a drink or food while there : ) You're greeted with the bus loop and the horse back riding. Paige and I have never done the horseback ride yet but we would like to in the future it's not to costly about a 30 minute ride is $45 for either 4 adults, or 2 adults and up to 3 kids. At the front of the resort you have 2 options if not staying at the campground you can walk, or take a bus which is free. The buses also offer rides to the other parks, hotels and downtown Disney for free as well.

To stay at the campground its $48 to $79 during the off season. They also offer cabins which sleep 6 and are priced at $285 a night.

Paige and I go to the campground for the pool, parks and security knowing that are kids are a little safer here then at an everyday park. Our kids spend a lot of time at the park looking in the bushes for bugs or building forts from left over tree waste.
Here is a video of our kids at the pool area last summer

At the center of the campground which is about a half mile in, is the main pool. The pool offers a kids splash area, massive pool with slide, arcade, food and beverage bar, tennis courts, and playground. The Food is around $7.00 a plate which is a sandwich, drink and chips. The arcade you buy a card which has a point system, most games are 10 points to play which you can get 50 points for $5. Meadow Woods Trading Post is in the center of the campsites as well this is a small grocery/gift shop which has all the things you forget and need along with Disney merchandise, Paige and i will alot of times stop here and pickup a loaf of bread and a package of turkey, that way the kids are fed during our outing. The great thing is the groceries are the same price as like a 7-11.

Along with all this there is the bike rental, boat rental, fishing gear, golf cart rentals are also in this location across the lake which anyone is allowed to rent with a deposit. The best part of the center is the camp fire movie, they light up two big fires on each side of the screen and roast marshmallows which you will need to bring your own, or they do sell kits to make smores which come with sticks that cost $10, for that you can make about 4 large smores or several small ones (2 regular size hershey's bars are included in the kit) The movie starts with a sing a long or fun classic Disney songs like who is the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, P-l-u-t-o (in the style of BINGO) and more. They play 2 movies during the summer one at 7pm and another at 9:15pm all are Disney movies, USUALLY the 9:15 show is not a cartoon, but not always. They show a big variety as well as movies that have just been released to DVD. You have your choice of bleachers or log benches for seating.

The Fort Wilderness is home of the Hoop Dee Doo Revue Dinner Show, is nightly old-fashioned dinner show includes hand-clapping', knee-slapping' music and comedy combined with an all-American, family-style dinner which is about $40 a person. The Trails End is the other restaurant in the park also located next to the Hoop Dee Doo, plates are anywhere from $14.99 to $35.99 a person, they also offer a full buffet which is around $35 a person. Sometimes when Paige and I go and we don't feel like sandwiches we get a pizza from Trails End, its about $15 for a large and you can take it out to the tables by the playground.

Settlement Trading Post is located at the back of the Fort Wilderness and offers grocery as well, along with the Hoop Dee Do, Trading Post, and Trail's End you will find a arcade, playground, beach, boats, and pony rides.

Pony rides are offered for the children, it is a short ride around a farm like setting for about $5 a child, you walk the horse.

The Fort Wilderness offers so much that its hard to include everything its a great get away, all in one place! It also has a 2-3 mile walking trail which connects to the Wilderness Lodge which is a gorgeous place that also offers a lot but that's a whole different post : )
Click here for the official Disneyworld website about Fort Wilderness Resort
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